# Appendix: Default AWS Settings

On litexa deploy, the @litexa/deploy-aws module configures the following settings for backend deployment:


  • Creates an IAM role called litexa_handler_lambda for your Lambda to use. It has the policies: CloudWatchFullAccess, AmazonDynamoDBFullAccess, and AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole.

# DynamoDB

  • Provisioned read capacity units: 10 (Auto Scaling Disabled)
  • Provisioned write capacity units: 10 (Auto Scaling Disabled)
  • Primary key is a String called userId - the litexa module gives this the skill requests's context.System.device.deviceId field, by default.

# Lambda

  • Runtime is set to nodejs10.x, by default.
  • Creates/uses an alias, which is included as part of the skill endpoint
  • The deployment target's alias is set to point to $LATEST on every deployment
  • Memory size of 256 MB
  • 10 second timeout (maximum runtime)
  • Some environment variables related to your skill configuration
    • loggingLevel = terse

# S3

  • If the litexa deploy command generates a bucket for you, it does so with all default settings.
  • Objects in the bucket will be marked public on upload.

# CloudWatch Logs

  • If the Lambda's log group doesn't exist yet (will be the case for a newly-generated Lambda), it will create it and then apply a 30 day retention policy to it.